Of Rice and Men
Thursday, August 23, 2012
Swati Pandey

I don’t play golf.  If you’ve read my book, “The Art of Being Unreasonable,” you know that I’m impatient, and a golf game violates my three-hour rule that I never stay anywhere longer than 180 minutes.

But I applauded this week’s decision by the Augusta National Golf Club to admit Condoleezza Rice and Darla Moore—the first women to be invited to join in the exclusive club’s 80-year history.

In my 79 years, I’ve seen racial, gender and religious barriers come down.  The core issue is: what’s the benefit of exclusivity?

From my experiences in business and in philanthropy I know that diversity of perspectives leads to a better organization, richer conversations and a more enlightened outlook.

That’s exactly what Rice and Moore will bring to Augusta. I might have to rethink my three-hour rule.

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